2009-09-12 02:42:01 by Alpharius120

I'm attempting to code a game right now just my idea and myself, but it seems so hard to maintain energy, focus, and willpower to do it, and I've barely done anything. I need motivation.

How do you established coders do it? How do you sit at your computer for hours a day typing code?


2009-07-11 03:18:46 by Alpharius120

Well, I got into a... discipline called Parkour. It's defined as "the art of moving from one place to another as quickly and efficiently as possible." So basically through a variety of motions I'll learn how to go from point a to point b using a series of vaults, rolls, precisions, flips, and other awesomely sweet moves.
So, anyone else do Parkour?

I'm actually going to finish a game!

2008-10-15 23:38:40 by Alpharius120

I finally have something that I really want to make and I'm happy as hell about it. When I have my computer all I'm doing is animating and prowling the forums, and all I do when I don't (other then school) is draw up new concept arts. The game is called Grind Park and basically you pick out a Board which is either white, red, green, blue, yellow, or pink, and grind down rails while jumping over broken rails, cliff edges and dodge avalanches and deadly snowmen. So this'll kinda be my blog with updates about it. I know no one looks at this, it's something to do when I'm bored with animating. And I'm not lying this time!
News 1: Finished menu, boards and grind animation. (Menu design below).
News 2: Got the Jumping animation finished and colored the grind and jumping animation for all characters.
News 3: Fuck it, I'm coding this then I'll find an animator. Now I need to learn how to code...

Note: All of the content in this newspost subject to change.

I'm actually going to finish a game!