Entry #3


2009-09-12 02:42:01 by Alpharius120

I'm attempting to code a game right now just my idea and myself, but it seems so hard to maintain energy, focus, and willpower to do it, and I've barely done anything. I need motivation.

How do you established coders do it? How do you sit at your computer for hours a day typing code?


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2009-09-14 20:11:15

Picture your project in your head visualize how bad ass its gonna be and how good it will look that will make you keep going and going hours on end and you just want to bring that awesomeness to life.

Alpharius120 responds:

I try, oh I try, but it get's boring after awhile...
I need to find some tactic.


2009-10-04 16:25:19

....being hyper

Alpharius120 responds:

That's actually quite a hinderance.


2009-10-20 15:22:31

Well, I personally look for some codes.

Alpharius120 responds:

I do that all the time. But between the wading in of codes and actually writing it out to fix the game I just lose focus.


2009-11-30 20:46:49

was the comment you left on my page an insult, or you trying to spend a few points and join?

im pretty sure it was you trying to be insulting...

Alpharius120 responds:

It was a little of everything. Don't take it to heart. I mean absolutely nothing on the internet.


2009-12-06 00:30:50

ok then. i shall take you off of my banned list.

i can kinda over react sometimes...

btw, LOLZ at the holy balls pic.

oh, and good luck with your coding.

Alpharius120 responds:

Thanks, thanks, and thanks.