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Rice of Newgounds Rice of Newgounds

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Thank you,

Me love you long time.

My Mullet... My Mullet...

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TheCriminalDuder responds:


Dreamwalker Dreamwalker

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It's good

I like it! But I noticed that it changes timing and melody alot. I did enjoy the piano piece that came in around :55 it really changed the mood.

Overall, it's a great song, but it could be more melodic.

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Mech Assault Mech Assault

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Like always...

AMAZING! Christ... You're the metal god on Newgrounds, I have to say. By the way, check out Silent But Deadly. It's fucking BROOTAL!

Guitar Challenge - Bad Man Inc Guitar Challenge - Bad Man Inc

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This almost sounds like a song that A7X would make, especially the beginning. Good job.